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Java or .NET

January 1st, 2010

Recent Question: Do you have any recommendations on installing the .NET (IIS) vs Java (Tomcat) versions? I liked the ease with which we implemented the SSO hack in IIS on our XI R2 server but I’m not if we can do the same on the 3.1 version. Also I remember that on sometime the .Net versions sometimes did not have all the functionality as the Java version is that still true?

Answer:I usually lean towards whatever web platform that IT has optimization expertise in. If they don’t have optimization expertise in either then for several reasons, I usually do the Java.

However for SSO the IIS setup is less steps than the Java version. The IIS pass through can still be done but is not a great solution if you are doing things like scheduling out reports with email links back to the system and still wanting SSO.

If you do go with Java,Normally I work with people to setup the Vintella Kerberos SSO so that there is only one web platform running on the server rather than the pass through.