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Typical Report Launch Requirement Q and A

February 23rd, 2011

Question: Is it possible to limit the report list view of a user in Report Launch? For example, if I decide to integrate Report Launch with an application for project A, we’d like to give the user access to projects reports only (and make the other reports the user has access to invisible).

Yes: You can set the Report Launch list to show a root folder so that the list only shows reports below that folder even if they have access to other folders.

We also have a category security model that allows your application administrators to control security on their folder of reports without giving access to the CMC


May 28th, 2010

My Highlights
– Met with new product managers of Webi Intelligence and BI On-Demand
– Everyone I met had a challenge with BOE that we could assist with
– Other BOE parters were ready to talk about collaboration
– Got to see my sister who lives nearby
– Great feedback at my presentation on Data Quality