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What I Do

March 22nd, 2010

What we do: Some asked recently for what was going on related to our tools. Here is a summary
At a 50K foot level we have 5 tools

1) Report Launch allows you to embed Crystal and Webi reports from any application without needing the SDK.

2) Dashboard Launch (You will have to see this). Caches webi content and many other things for really fast dashboards. SAP certified too

3) Admin Launch – bleeding edge web based BOE administration tool that you can train to do what you need it to do for you (beta just started).

4) Audit Launch : Export extends BOE auditing for advanced analysis by syncing CMC attributes into an extended audit database. Audit Launch Import syncs security from 3rd party apps into BOE

5) Activity Launch – allows you to create business activity monitoring events into report schedules and trach when a batch of schedules completes so you can continue the notification or event process

All of our software is 100& web based on Java SDK so it runs on Windows, Unix, and Linux