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Typical Report Launch Requirement Q and A

February 23rd, 2011

Question: Is it possible to limit the report list view of a user in Report Launch? For example, if I decide to integrate Report Launch with an application for project A, we’d like to give the user access to projects reports only (and make the other reports the user has access to invisible).

Yes: You can set the Report Launch list to show a root folder so that the list only shows reports below that folder even if they have access to other folders.

We also have a category security model that allows your application administrators to control security on their folder of reports without giving access to the CMC

Are people more important than technology?

November 13th, 2010

During a recent project review of an upcoming Enterprise BI / DW platform, one of the project tasks’s was to do an end to end tool selection. However, beyond technology the other aspects of a successful BI program necessary including people, process and data (ownership) were not properly being assessed.  The needs to properly assess and manage these areas would outlast any particular phase/sprint of development and would have an even greater impact than the technology.  With a brand new large BI program there will need to be new processes and new teams created in IT to make the current software in order to be effective in this program (note: projects end, programs evolve and change with the business, so BI/DW programs should be built and staffed that way from day 1)

What was missing in the evaluation is the desired impact in the IT culture.  All of the solutions involved in the evaluation would demand a high level of experience, technical knowledge and creativity during the design and development in order to make it a success.  While the technical evaluations were sound, I wanted to see that there had been consideration of other non-technical aspects of a Data warehouse necessary to make the program and systems a success.

Questions arose that needed to be answered

– Is the expectation that business users will be connecting with Vendor support directly?

– who is responsible for “quality” resource acquisition

– Who is responsible for help desk models to support Business Rules, Data Miniing , etc

– Who is responsible for ensuring that the quality of the data is kept intact over time from a technical architecture as the business change over time?

– Who is responsible for ensuring that the knowledge of business rules are kept as assets?  An enterprise data warehouse/ BI system is a huge investment and that investment should be protected as an asset of the company.

No matter what tool is chosen there are huge drains to a project, in time and quality, when users need to make business rule and solution design decisions on the fly.  This includes the creation of new business metrics, new reporting processes and mini-tool selections as new requests come up. (i.e. the users uses the excel export so they can recalculate a metric because the data warehouse team takes 3 weeks to get a change in place).

One of the best practices to balance the projects technical needs with the people and processes is to establish a Business Intelligence competency group at the outset of the project that sits outside of any software or services vendor and has staffed BI/DW architects to can “rapidly” respond to the changing needs of the business with the “correct” solution and the ability to pull in the correct IT resources to meet that need at the speed the business needs before they feel the need to go out on their own.

0812: Working with Auditing Data in the Activity Universe

August 9th, 2010

October 7th – Will be at ASUG speaking on how there is a wealth of information about your BusinessObjects system that is only available in the Auditing database.    Getting access to these questions (and answers) takes a good understanding of the auditing database and the confidence to extend the activity universe to meet your needs. With some real world examples we will show you how to get the answers to some tough questions.

SOA and BI

October 22nd, 2009

While the SOA model is good for BI ETL, there more areas that it can pertain to including reporting, dashboards, performance management that have a much greater inpact.

Every application needs one of the above areas of BI interfaces in addition to its own ETL or data input interfaces. We have been focusing on implementing the whole BI interface as a reusable framework at

This creates a huge ROI when the same functionality is not build over and over again throughout an enterprises various applications. Not to mention that it would provide consistent information utilizing MDM, DW and ETL in the way described.

Last but not least by leveraging the whole BI stack in your SOBI architecture you actually leverage the investment you have already made in not just ETL but in your enterprise BI tools.

Cheers, Kevin McManus,

Reminders on what we focus on

April 7th, 2009

This lat week I was reading some of my favorite blogs and some new ones as well. I ran across some great posts that serve as reminders to those of us working in the BI world. This may be clear cut stuff, but it is always nice to get some reminders.

1. Why we report in the first place:

This is a nice post on the purpose of BI- In Business Intelligence is for making Business Decisions the folks over at Intelligence Matrix give us a great example and reminder.

2. A great post over at Beye Network about a new Journal and the definition of Business Intelligence. This is a great new resource and one fantastic post.

3. This is a wonderful post on the right way to look at BOE and publishing reports. Crystal Reports version control is interesting.

4. And this one is just funny. I guess SAP is restricting the porn access for Crystal Reports??? What, well read more here: Ken Hamady say no more porn

Until next time, enjoy these reads.

SAP AG staying on top of Crystal and BOBJ

March 28th, 2009

Check out this press release from SAP Business Objects and McManus Software + Consulting. Looks like they have released the Crystal Developer Advantage license to help ISV’s like McManus. They have a suite called Launch Applications and they are pretty cool. Everything from extending reporting to web applications to real time auditing of your BOBJ environment.

Here is the press release:

Oh, and about this blog. We will scour the blogosphere for anyhting and everything that is news int he Crystal Reports and Web Intelligence world.

Have fun!