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Disappointed in boe_reposcan

June 21st, 2010 by Kevin McManus Leave a reply »

After reading the document I thought that it was going to be a cool new tool for disaster recovery.  I thought that boe_reposcan would publish orphaned files left in the file repositories after a database outage.

I event spent the time to update the script syntax and find the proper location to execute the program

./ -dbdriver oracledatabasesubsystem “-connect “UID=BO_data;PWD=b0_data;DSN=database-server;HOSTNAME=ip-address;PORT=1521” -repair -inputfrsdir “/usr/apps/bobj/bobje/data/frsinput” -outputfrsdir “/user/apps/boj/bobje/data/frsoutput” -scanfrs

But to no avail.  the program told me that my reports did not synch with the repository but I was on my own to republish them.  After all that work comparing I think a synch option would have been the perfrect match

I will add this as another item for Admin Launch for the future.

./ -dbdriver oracledatabasesubsystem “-connect
UID=BO_NEXUS_data;PWD=b0_nex1s_data;DSN=bradpit;HOSTNAME=bradpit;PORT=1521” -inputfrsdir /usr/wbol/bobj/bobje/data/frsinput -outputfrsdir /user/sbol/boj/bobje/data/frsoutput -scanfrs

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